05 November 2007


So I spent most of last night and today trying to install the latest "fglrx" driver in Ubuntu so my graphics card would have some improved functionality, but to no avail. I'm stuck with the out-of-date one for now. I guess I'll just have to be patient until issues are resolved... at least there's always Windows to fall back on.

It looks like Tim Mills (a.k.a. the Friendly Humanist) has been busy with Ubuntu as well. He's apparently been exploring some of the various Ubuntu distributions and spinoffs. In particular, he's found two custom distribution packages: Ubuntu CE (Christian Edition) and Ubuntu ME (Muslim Edition).

I'm sorry, but can I just say, the Ubuntu CE logo is lame:

The standard Ubuntu logo with a Jesus fish in the middle? They couldn't be more creative than that?

The Muslims at least put in a little more effort:

But what really strikes me about all this is, there doesn't seem to be any custom alternative for the third of the big three Abrahamic religions. Where's the operating system for Jews?!

I'm not much of a Linux programmer (or a Jew), or else I'd get cracking on a chosen OS for His chosen people myself. I can, however, at least contribute a logo design:


Doesn't that just make you want to convert? From Windows, that is. ;-)

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