24 April 2008

Obuh-buh-bligatory Buh-Buh-Blogiversary

I feel obliged to mention that it's been one year today since Ben and I started Synapostasy.

I'll resist the urge to get all introspective. Partly because I doubt there's much to get introspective over, but mostly because I've already got at least three other posts fighting for supremacy in my head, any one of which would be immensely more interesting than my contemplation of my navel (or Ben's navel, for that matter). I find that the more posts I want to write, the fewer I get around to writing. Maybe I'll overcome that in the coming year. (Oh crap, did that just count as introspection? Bad Aaron!)

Anyway, all I'll say is, if you're reading this, then *thumbs up*. Not just any *thumbs up*, either, we're talkin' like Fonzie *thumbs up*. And if you're not reading this, well, *thumbs up* anyway, because you're still cool.

Here's to another somewhat arbitrary length of time!


15 April 2008

The Blasphemous H

Ever wonder what the "H." stood for in "Jesus H. Christ"?

I betcha it stands for "Hussein."

(Wish I could take credit for that, but it was Sara's idea.)

Something by way of a more substantial post coming soon...

09 April 2008

A Thought

Every time I pass a Reformed Church of Christ, I think to myself, "I wonder what a Delinquent Church of Christ looks like."