25 August 2007

Scary Violent Insane Soldier Person

Sara and I had a bit of a scare the other night. We were walking home late at night from a friend's house, and there was someone a ways behind us shouting violence into the night.

At first I figured he was just raving on a street corner somewhere. But as we continued walking, his voice grew neither louder nor quieter; he was keeping a fairly constant distance behind us. So he was at least walking in our direction, if not necessarily following us. A group of electricians were working in Harvard Square, and a police officer was hanging by watching. I hoped that perhaps the officer would take the guy in for disturbing the peace. But as we kept walking, his voice kept following us, getting more violent, perhaps even getting closer. We cut across to the opposite side of the park, and that seemed to lose him.

He was shouting about "jihad" and "holy war." About how many they had killed, and how they would kill again. About how many he had killed, and how he would kill again. All while barking other threats and obscenities.

The man was a United States Marine. He was singing the Marines' Hymn and everything.

I thought our soldiers were supposed to be defending our country. Instead, innocent people are dying in Iraq and the whole world hates us. And on top of it, our soldiers are coming home with a bouquet of psychological disorders that society must now deal with.

Larry Moran posted this video yesterday, and it raises some of the same questions that have bothered me about supporting the troops, so I think I'll stop there and let A. Whitney Brown take over:

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