24 August 2007

Keeping up with the coming storm

I'm not saying we're necessarily on the doorstep of a Christofascist theocracy. But at the very least we're on the right block.

It's important for a rising dictatorship to be able to silence dissent at public events, whether by forcibly removing demonstrators or just organizing supporters to drown them out, to give the President and the country the illusion of approval.

Meanwhile, there need to be continued means of more permanently undermining the efforts of political enemies. How about screening charities and nonprofits to search for "terrorism" connections? It gives you the added benefit of securing the moral high ground for noble (read: "Christian") charitable works. Say goodbye to any Muslim charity, no more aid to Palestine or Lebanon, and look forward to secular charities being either squelched or assimilated further into faith-based initiatives.

With all this and more going on, people are going to start getting defensive of their Constitutional rights. But the government isn't taking away our rights... they're just modifying the expression of those rights for our own good. To placate the public and remind them that the government has got their back, declare Constitution Day and Citizenship Day on September 17, followed by Constitution Week through September 23.

Most importantly, the administration can't take all the power for itself; some power must still be given them by the people. That's why it's so critical to have people on the outside. Stu Bykofsky wants another 9/11, so everyone will forget about the crimes committed by the administration and go back to giving President Bush unlimited power. Family Security Matters has been openly advocating genocide in Iraq as a way to unite America and pave the way for George W. Bush to become "President-for-Life." And these people have audiences.

And don't forget how many people want us to go to war with Iran.

I know where my passport and my towel are.

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