24 April 2009


An obligatory David Bowie video to accompany the post title:

Synapostasy is two years old today. (There's no telling what that is in blog years.) When Ben and I, emboldened by "The God Delusion" and the New Humanism conference at Harvard, began this blog back in 2007, it was intended to be a joint exercise in atheist activism and scholarship. We've drifted quite a bit from our initial "mission statement," in some ways, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I know I've expanded into general skepticism topics, and have embellished with some science topics or bits of fun from time to time.

After all, we, the authors, have changed, too. In the past two years, we've graduated from college. I found a job. I got married! And looking back at the archives, I feel a bit of a disconnect from some of what I've written before.

Blogging has been unhappily sporadic of late, for which I apologize. Let me assure you that I haven't been idle. The past few months, I've taken it upon myself to expand upon the single computer science course I took at Dartmouth and become more proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and most recently a smattering of PHP. This has ultimately culminated in my decision to try my hand at hosting my own website. After some fiddling with WordPress, it's up and running for real. I officially unveiled Scion Gradient yesterday.

The freedom of having my own personal site is exhilarating, and so far I thoroughly enjoy using the WordPress platform. A new start may be precisely the change I needed to rejuvenate my writing. I wasn't necessarily planning to use that site to start a new blog, but the siren call is so strong...

Ben and I have yet to discuss what this development means for the future of Synapostasy. One way or another, more changes are in store. Stay tuned.

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