12 January 2009


The time has come for me to undertake a long-neglected rite of passage.  I am going to read a book.

Not just any book, mind you.  Written long before my time by a British academic, this particular book had a profound impact on the world, and it is to my unyielding shame that I have yet to read it.  Like many, I already know quite a bit about its contents, but I've never actually experienced it firsthand.  It's time for that to change.

Yes, tonight is the night that I finally start reading The Lord of the Rings.

In my defense, I read The Hobbit back in middle school, and I had every intention of reading The Lord of the Rings immediately thereafter.  However, my brother's copy was lost by a friend, and before we could obtain a replacement I was well into some other book.  The opportunity passed, and I never found my way back 'round to it, until now.

There are a great many books to be read on my list right now, and I have every intention of taking this year as an opportunity to rekindle my old reading habits.  What better way to start than with the epic that defined high fantasy?

Read more.  Write more.  Make more.  Make something of myself.  That is my charge.  Yes, this will be a good year.

Now, then.  Concerning hobbits...

Oh, I'm going to enjoy this.

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