10 October 2008

More Serenity

Waiting for Sara to call me back, so I've got a minute to get a few more thoughts down.

The best thing about all this is, it doesn't feel like anything is really changing.  It'll be a wild, wonderful weekend, but then we'll head back home and pick up where we left off.  I figure that's a really good sign; our relationship is already in the right place.  The rest is just paperwork.

Oh, but there will be a might party, have no doubt about that.

And I think we have a lovely ceremony planned.  That's the one thing that has me nervous; not the marriage, but the wedding.  (Better than the reverse, I know.)  We've written our own ceremony.  Ben here is officiating.  It's a trifle terrifying, not having anyone authoritative to tell us what we're supposed to do (the answer "anything you want" isn't particularly comforting to the chronically indecisive).  But we've done our research, and we've incorporated traditional elements.  I think we've got something really nice worked out.  (There will be details, fear not.)

But all is in order.  Tokaji has been procured.  Rings are packed, and my are they lovely.  My best friend Brendan is here now; he's three months into a year-long
teaching gig in Japan, but he made it back for the wedding.  Tux gets picked up first thing tomorrow morning, and then it's off to Hanover for the rehearsal, and then...

The leaves in are at their peak color this weekend, and the weather should be delightful.  My word, we COULD NOT have chosen a better time to get married in New England.

Okay, time to talk to the bride, then sleep.  Surprisingly tired.  More to come...

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