18 June 2008

For Science!

Zach at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal never fails to disappoint:

smbc comic 8 Jun 08

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Uncommon Descent. Patrick posted the above comic this morning under the title "Darwinist Behavior in a Nutshell."

Let's see, exploiting the public's general bewilderment with, yet hard-earned respect for, science to promote your own bizarre agenda? Daahhh, yep, that's us Darwinists to a "t".

Oh, and stealing the artist's bandwidth (as opposed to hosting the image yourself) without even providing any mention whatsoever of the source of the comic, let alone a link? That's us, too. We evilutionists are just a bunch of naked thieves.

I laughed at the comic yesterday. I laugh again today!

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