26 February 2008

D'Souza Declares War on Atheists on Behalf of Muslims

The forces of unreason have been out in force lately. I've got some catching up to do.

Last week, Dinesh D'Souza once again proved himself to be a bigoted, self-absorbed twit. As is so often the case, he opens his article with a plug:
When I proposed in my book The Enemy at Home (newly out in paperback)
Must be nice, getting paid to self-advertise.

Anyway, D'Souza goes on to talk about a letter written last October from a bunch of Muslim scholars addressed to Pope B-16, and how they tried to reassure his Popeliness that they weren't trying to pick a fight with anyone:
"As Muslims," the letter goes, "we say to Christians that we are not
against them and that Islam is not against them--so long as they do not
wage war against Muslims on account of their religion, oppress them,
and drive them out of their homes." The letter was carefully worded so
that it did not confuse clashes of interests with a war against the
Muslim religion.
Sounds reasonable, right? Well, here's D'Souza's interpretation:
In effect, the Muslim leaders were saying that their religious quarrel is only with atheists and other enemies of Islam.
The Muslims are saying they won't war over religious issues, they'll only fight over social issues if necessary. D'Souza has them saying they won't war over religious issues with Christians, they'll only war against atheists (hand-in-hand with Christians, ideally). In case you're curious, the actual letter in question never references "atheists" once.

Those of you familiar with D'Souza's writing will recognize this as a recurring theme. All we have to do to prevent another terrorist attack on the United States is get rid of everything the terrorists (and Dinesh, conveniently) don't like: liberals, gays, and especially atheists. The Muslims love Christian, conservative Americans. So for our own good, we need to get rid of anyone who isn't Christian or conservative. D'Souza isn't persecuting atheists, he's just looking out for all Americans.

Goddamned fearmongering Christofascist.

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