25 October 2007

Feelin' Gutsy

Sorry about that unexpected little hiatus. Out of curiosity, I've finally decided to give Linux a shot (Greg Laden would be pleased). So after some practice on Sara's old laptop, some experimentation on mine, a package of recovery CDs from Lenovo, and a few too many late nights, I've finally got my laptop set up as a dual boot of Windows Vista and Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), and I am most excited.

I've still got some bugs to work out in Ubuntu, but everything's stable enough on both operating systems now that I can spend a few minutes at my computer doing something other than managing an update or installation, or waiting for the machine to restart, or googling a solution for my wireless driver, or some such nonsense. So let the blogging recommence!

(PS - I don't know Ben's excuse for not writing lately. I mean, all he has to worry about these days is grad school! :-P)

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