17 August 2007

I'm going to hell

Perhaps you're familiar with Ze Frank's social media playground, the ORG. (If not, you should check it out and look me up!) A number of active members have been using the ORG's map function to "flock" to a member who's all alone on the map. That member then joins the flock in visiting someone else the next week, and we traverse the globe in virtual fashion.

Last week, we visited "roni" in Jerusalem. As is the custom, our hostess was kind enough to make a note of where we each chose to land. I happened to land in the Valley of Gehenna:

Looks gorgeous, eh? Well, apparently it's hell. Fancy that.

I know I shouldn't be, but for some reason I'm always just a little surprised when I come across a place referenced in mythology. Perhaps it's because a place can change so much over time, it's odd to think it can keep the same name.

Maybe it's just a funny angle, but I don't see in this photograph any of the sulfur fires or mounds of garbage and corpses for which Gehenna was apparently once known. Looks like they left behind some nice fertilizer, though. If I'm wrong about this whole atheism thing, this is the hell I want to go to. (Unless I get into secular heaven!)

Next stop for the flock is Great Britain. Maybe this time I'll land in an ancient druid shrine or something.

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