03 August 2007

Behe visits the Colbert Nation

You know, it figures. The very day our cable finally ran out, Michael Behe appeared on the Colbert Report. Thank goodness for the Internet:

Considering Colbert's often hit-or-miss interview record, I'm pleased with the way he handled Behe. He obviously did his homework. Behe made some of the same old laughable claims, such as the idea that no one questioned the Gospel of Newton before Einstein. Stephen got in a nice dig at Behe's mousetrap analogy, which is always nice to hear. Kudos to Colbert for bringing God into the discussion so matter-of-factly; it's interesting that Behe didn't bother trying to deny ID's true agenda there.

Hat tip to Science after Sunclipse (click the link for more thorough commentary than I give here).

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