11 July 2007

Deepak Chopra ruined my toy

A couple years ago, I received as a gift "The Journey to Wild Divine," a computer "game" that incorporates three finger sensors that relay biofeedback information to the program, letting you alter objects on the screen by laughing or slowing your breath. I had seen a review for Wild Divine in "Discover" magazine, and was immediately intrigued.

The "game" wasn't much to write home about, mostly a series of various meditation exercises. And I had a little trouble getting the biofeedback to work properly sometimes. All in all, though, I still thought it was a neat program, and I still wonder what else could be accomplished with accessible-to-the-public biofeedback technology.

But sadly, this cool technology was co-opted early on by the New Agey types, in particular woo-master Deepak Chopra. That kinda spoiled my excitement over the technological aspects.

It's been a long time since I've used Wild Divine. Maybe next time I go home I'll dig it out of storage and give it another shot, see if it has any redeeming value.

Gr. Stupid woo.

Does anyone know of a comparable program using biofeedback that isn't hopelessly entangled in pseudoscience?

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Ben said...

Let's just hope the woo don't discover the wii, or all hell will break loose.