06 June 2007

Iowa State = Auschwitz?

I'll be the first person to appreciate an apt reference to the Nazis. Fascism, despite what you may have heard from the WWII propaganda mill, is a political movement, not the sword of the Antichrist. Hitler was a human being. It could all happen again.

But there's apt consideration of events and evidence, and then there's emotion-laden hyperbole. And when you invoke the Holocaust in reference to a guy who got turned down for a job, well... it doesn't do a heck of a lot to further rational discussion.

DaveScot at Uncommon Descent has posted the poem "First they came...", inscribed at the Boston Holocaust Memorial, in dedication to Guillermo Gonzalez, an ID proponent who was recently denied tenure at Iowa State.

If nothing else, this provides an elegant example of Step Four in denialism blog's brilliant Crank HOWTO.

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