27 November 2008

On Nutrition

On one of America's Mighty Food Holidays, a note to any vegetarians (or aspiring vegetarians) out there: Please feed your babies.


Anonymous said...

The link might as well be for "what's the harm in being a malnourished child?" not "what's the harm in being a vegetarian child?"

Personally, growing up vegetarian, I was always something like the 2nd or 3rd biggest person in my grade (with about 60 people per grade). Of course, one can be big and malnourished, too. And one can be vegetarian and a football quarterback.

I would actually suspect that even after you take into account the number of meat-eating and vegetarian parents, the meat-eating parents would be more apt to not feed their kids than vegetarian parents.

Anonymous said...

(It just doesn't get as much press if it's "normal" child neglect. Articles about vegetarian neglected children will get passed around more because of the hicks who will forward it around to their wayward adult, vegetarian relatives. Not to mention, it probably sounds good as a defense: "it's not that we weren't feeding him, it's that we weren't feeding him... meat. Yea, that's it. Honest mistake." And it's cheaper, too, and lord knows if you're going to abuse your child you might as well do it cheaply.)

Aaron Golas said...

It's relevant, though, to note WHY these children are malnourished. Their parents are giving them a malnourishing diet, either under the false impression that it's actually healthy, or under a religious conviction to do so despite the health costs. It's a problem distinct from other forms of child neglect, and therefore needs to be addressed separately.

There may be cases of people who just use those as excuses to mask plain-jane child neglect, but I'd need to see evidence of that first before dismissing the previous problems as inconsequential.