09 March 2008

Paying My Elders Their Proper Respect

Today was PZ's 51st birthday, so I spent all evening making him a little present:

Not too gaudy, I hope? I know he already has a few cephalothrones, but maybe he could use one for the den, or the summer cottage.

Anyway, go pay PZ a visit today, and tell 'im I sent ya. He could use the traffic (hur hur i bet im the only one who ever made that joke hur).

Seriously, though, PZ's an important fella, and he deserves his accolades. I forget exactly how I started reading his site, but it was shortly after I came out as an atheist. That definitely had an impact on my maturing godlessness (as I'm sure you can imagine), and we Pharyngula readers should all know how important development is. ;-)

Here's hoping I get a chance to meet him at TAM6!

1 comment:

monado said...

That's a very fancy cephalothrone!