15 February 2008

Friggin' Sweet

Well don't I feel sheepish.

It's the day after Valentine's Day, so Sara and I thought we'd take advantage of the occasion and buy some discount chocolates at CVS. So we went to the store, and it wasn't entirely clear that the candy was on sale, but we loaded our arms anyway because candy is delicious.

As we got home and started unpacking our haul, Sara lamented that we should have dyed eggs. At that moment, it dawned on us: we were standing there holding bags of Easter candy, not discount Valentine's chocolates. Tricksy!

Jesus may think he's won this round, but the joke's on him. Now, while many are supposed to be fasting for Lent, we're enjoying sugary goodness. And just wait until you see what we have planned for Good Friday! (Hint: it's going to be the best Friday!)

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