28 September 2007

Thursday's Asshats on Friday: Archbishop Chimoio

Last night, I mentioned that I heard some news stories yesterday and just didn't want to deal with them. Well now I've had a fair night's sleep (despite more splitting headaches), and Sara and I got to lay some smackdown in Age of Empires II (the Huns were no match for my Aztec priests). So I'm ready to tackle some asshattery.

First on the agenda, Archbishop Chimoio of Mozambique is telling deadly lies about AIDS and condoms. Apparently it isn't enough anymore to lie and say condoms don't help prevent AIDS; now they're going so far as to say some European condoms cause AIDS.

This story has already made the rounds online. I'd just like to add that, if allegations like "I know that there are two countries in Europe, they are making condoms with the virus [HIV] on purpose" had any minutest shred of truth to them, then a sane, moral person would be trying to put an end to such a practice instead of leveraging it as a propaganda tactic. But the Catholic leadership aren't sane, moral people.

Yes, abstaining from sex is an effective way to avoid getting AIDS. But in any situation, particularly fighting a pandemic, your strategies need to be practical as well as effective. Condoms are practical and effective, abstinence is not.

I also found this little pair of statistics interesting:
The BBC's Jose Tembe in the capital, Maputo, says it is estimated that 16.2% of Mozambique's 19m inhabitants are HIV positive.
. . .
Some 17.5% of Mozambicans are Catholic.
I wonder if there's a significant overlap...


Anonymous said...

dickson lecha
Oct 3rd, 2007 at 1:34 pm

Before you dismis anything as a lie, or as baseless, -check it out first for consistency with truth and logic. The Archbishop is not only high ranking in our worldly hieracrhy. He is representative of God Almighty. He knows the Commandment “thou shalt not bear false witness” and teaches it every day. Chimoio takes orders from the Vatican. What ever he says is sanctioned from the Papal See and so he must by order be representing the Papal position on all things material and spiritual. The Pope and the Catholic Church are one big religion. If Chimoio is speaking of The Pope’s own ideas and beliefs, then he is speaking the Church’s beliefs and truths. The Catholic Church is a big institution with may educated personnel and capable of researching and producing truths to be publicised to the people as working knowledge. If Chimoio was lying, he will be excommunicated forthwith! No holds barred. If he is going to be treated with kid gloves, then for sure he must have been spouting Catholic truth and position on HIV/AIDS. So what does the Holy See (with inspiration from the Holy Spirit of God and the Lord Jesus Christ)say on this? Excommunicate Chimoio or agree with him?

Aaron "Hawkeye" Golas said...

As far as I can find, the Vatican has been pretty silent about this. So I stand by my statement that the Catholic leadership (all of 'em, right on up to Pope B-16) aren't sane, moral people. If the Catholic Church actually researched this and found companies putting HIV in condoms, then why haven't they publicized their findings, shown the evidence, named the companies? It's nothing more than a propaganda scare tactic and a continuation of the Church's deadly anti-condom campaign.