28 August 2007

Everyone loves a good follow-up

I just saw something that absolutely made my day.

At Borders, I saw three shiny copies of Michael Behe's The Edge of Evolution displayed prominently on a bookshelf, the front cover in plain view right at about eye-level.

In the Christian Fiction section. Right where I had left them two and a half weeks ago.

The best part is, the display has obviously been changed. Behe is now sitting between a pretty lady and a dragon, and his books have been turned to proudly face the customer (Sara and I originally re-shelved them with just the spines visible). Given this kind of treatment, he must be thrilled not to be crammed in the science section anymore.

Glad I could help, Mike. ;-)


Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD said...

I reshelved a copy just last weekend. Isn't it hilarious that Borders has a section for "Christian fiction"? In a redundant sort of way?

Aaron "Hawkeye" Golas said...

Hehe, indeed. Maybe next time I'll try sneaking a copy or two of the Bible in there.

Shalini said...

That would be an excellent idea. =)