15 June 2007

Egnor's brain radio (dualism part deux)

Michael Egnor has said something stupid again. PZ Myers has already given him a good thrashing. All that I'd like to add is this:

Egnor wants to say now that the brain is a receiver for some transmission that the mind is sending out. But previously, Egnor said that the brain can't be responsible for thoughts because thoughts aren't material, and so there's no way for thoughts and matter (the brain) to interact.

Make up your mind, Egnor. Can thoughts and the brain interact (a la the cell phone and the transmission), or can't they? If they can't, then how are thoughts supposed to receive sensory input from and control behavior of the body? If they can, then how do you justify postulating some unknown non-material mind transmitting information to the brain via an unknown channel, when all the evidence favors a behavioral program hard-wired into the brain itself?

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